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Hamline PTA


Almost Everything You Need to Know about the Hamline PTA

What does the Hamline PTA do? 

We do what we can to support Hamline as a place that works well for students, families, and staff - a place alive with learning and full of good vibes. We try to create opportunities for our community to learn and have fun together and find ways to support one another. We build pathways for family involvement and ensure the voices of families are heard. We are a partner in problem-solving and a resource for navigating school and district policies. Most of us like to dance.



What are some Hamline PTA traditions?

     *Fall Festival - part fundraiser, part community event, all a very good time

     *Fall and Spring Staff Conference Dinners

     *Monthly Staff Treat Days 

     *Barnes & Noble Book Fair 

Who's on the PTA?

Everyone is part of the team at Hamline Elementary. The Hamline PTA welcomes families, staff, and community members to share their talents & leadership to shape the present and future of our school community. 

Do I have to go to events or commit to volunteer hours?

Nope. But everyone is welcome and encouraged to find a way to connect to the school community. 

How much is a PTA membership?

Nothing. We do offer members of our school community the option of helping us pay our PTA dues which help us cover state PTA membership costs which ensures our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, liability insurance for events, and more. Completion of this form and payment of anywhere from $1.00 - $10.00 returned to the main office keeps us official, an organization in good standing with state and national PTA organizations. 

How can I keep up with PTA activities?

1. Check out the Family Room for current events, volunteer opportunities, and other news

2. Discover Hamline Elementary Facebook Page (public): https://www.facebook.com/discoverhamlineelementary/

3. You can contact the PTA via email: HamlineElementaryPTA@gmail.com 


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