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Family Room


Hamline Family Room

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The Family Room at Hamline Elementary is a space dedicated to helping all Hamline families thrive and enjoy and practical success in all areas of their lives. It is a warm, comfortable, welcoming space to find personal support and connection. Located just steps away from the Main Office, it's open every day school is in session and families are encouraged to stop by whenever they visit the school to see what's new. The Family Room is also open during conferences and evening school events.

Photo showing two children playing at a toy kitchen in a bright room.

What You'll Find

This family-friendly space is set up to work, gather, and relax. You'll a work station equipped with a desktop computer and Internet access, plenty of cozy places to sit, and a play area for little ones. Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea (pr cocoa) during your visit. Here's what else you'll find in the Family Room: 

  • Community Pantry (all items are dependent on donations)
    • Non-perishable food items
    • Personal care items
    • Household items 
    • Baby items
  • Community Closet (all items are dependent on donations)
    • Kids clothes & shoes
    • Winter gear including hats, mittens, coats, and boots (seasonal)
    • Backpacks & school supplies
  • Community Resources
    • Employment and continuing education
    • Medical, dental, and mental health resources
    • Housing
    • Childcare
    • Food shelves and nutrition
    • Transportation
  • Community Partners
    • Onsite workshops, information sessions, and services
    • Volunteer Opportunities


One of the many cool things about this space is the opportunity it provides to our community to give and receive support. Donations of new and gently used clothing and shoes for kids, washed and ready to share, are always welcome as are donations of non-perishable food, baby, personal care, and household items. We also welcome donations of backpacks and school supplies. Please inquire with the school regarding donations of other items as we have limited storage space.