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Every Meal: Weekend Food Program


We are excited to partner with Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) to offer a free weekend food program to all our students. Healthy eating is so important for children. At Hamline, we work hard to ensure students receive a healthy breakfast and lunch every day to support their developing brains and bodies. Research shows that children who eat regular, nutritious meals are more likely to attend school and be engaged in learning.

Every Meal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships. They strive to make a difference in children's lives by focusing on food gaps like weekends, school breaks, and summer when they can't receive food in school. 

  • Free for all families
  • No qualifications required for enrollment
  • Students enrolled in the program will receive a 4-5 pound bag of nutritious, non-perishable food each week
  • Every Meal does not collect information from families; privacy is protected
  • Families may enroll in the program anytime throughout the year
  • Families may choose from a variety of different weekend food bag options

Please contact Karen McCauley(karen.mccauley@spps.org).

Every Meal Electronic Enrollment Form

Sign up to receive a free bag of food every weekend. 

There are no qualification requirements, and your family's privacy is protected.

I give permission for a bag of food to be provided to my child while he or she is at school. By submitting this form, I agree and understand:
- It is my responsibility to remove food items that my child should not consume.
- School staff or volunteers may access my child's locker and/or backpack in order to discreetly place bags of food.
- If my child cannot responsibly transport the bag of food home, I will have to pick up the food at the school or no longer participate in the program.