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SPED (Special Education)

Special Education


Hamline provides Special Education services for students with the following disabilities: DCD, LD, E/BD, ASD, TBI, DD, HI, PI, Speech and Other Health Disabilities. We have three special education teachers, Nichole Forrest; a speech therapist, Ellyn Dam; an occupational therapist, Barbara Maack-Larson; a D/APE teacher, Anne Hill; a social worker, Jim Schaldach; and various itinerant teachers providing assistance to students with hearing and physical impairments. Hamline follows the district's policy of inclusion and makes an effort to support students in their classrooms as much as possible. In addition, we have several paraprofessionals who provide behavioral support and assist with adaptations in the classrooms.

Hamline has a Child Study team which meets regularly to discuss student referrals. The team (special ed. staff, school psychologist, administrator, classroom teacher, and parents) reviews student data and the required interventions made by the teacher to accelerate progress. If the team concludes that the student continues to be discrepant from peers, it may decide to proceed with various standardized assessments to determine if the student has a disability and meets the eligibility criteria for special education services.

Christina Richardson

Special Education Coach


Nichole Forrest

Special Education Teacher


Ellyn Dam

Speech Language Pathologist


Jill Weiss

School Psychologist