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Physical Education


Email: michelle.diaz@spps.org

Phone: 651-293-8715 (45376)


University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Bachelor of Science: K-12 Physical Education
Teaching Licenses: MN K-12 Physical Education

Ms. Diaz

My name is Michelle Diaz and I am very excited to be the Physical Education Specialist at Hamline Elementary! I have been with SPPS for all of my life and graduated from Harding in the early 90's! I actually began my teaching experience by becoming a swim instructor/lifeguard at Harding High School through community education. After I graduated from the University of Wisonsin-River Falls, I got hired by SPPS to teach PE at the elementary level and did that for ten years. I then made the switch to high school and taught Physical Education for grades 9-12 at Como Park for 14 years. I'm thrilled to be back in the elementary setting where the majority of the students are excited and willing to move their bodies. Students that try a skill for the first time and then develop new interests as they succeed in those skill(s) is the most rewarding part of my job as a PE teacher!

Units of study in PE for grades 4-5: Football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cooperative games, floor hockey, badminton, tumbling/stunts, frisbee, recess/backyard games and activities, rhythms, softball, and kickball.

Units of study in PE for grades K-3: Body control/awareness, hula hoops, kicking/trapping skills, volleying/striking skills, scooters, dribbling/ball handling skills, parachute games/activities, eye-hand corrdination, jumping, balance/stunts/tumbling, catching/throwing, dance, chasing/fleeing/dodging, and striking with a bat.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy Latin dance (specifically Salsa Rueda) throughout the year. My favorite summer activities include: paddle boarding, working in my yard, hiking/backpacking, and travel. My husband is from Mexico City, so I get to dance lots of Cumbia with him. He also likes to spoil me rotten by taking me out to eat every weekend. When I'm not out with my husband, I enjoy spending time with my three sons, two stepdaughters, my granddaughter, and my dog.