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Welcome to Hamline Art

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Hello, I am Nick Foster-Walters, Mr. Nick to the kids.  I am excited to be the art teacher at Hamline Elementary.  This has been one of my favorite places in St. Paul because I received my undergraduate degree in art from Hamline University.  After exploring my career as an artist  I decided to attend the University of Minnesota and received my Masters of Art Education.  I am excited to share my passion for art with my students. 

In the art classroom we focus on learning the elements of art; line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space.  These elements will be paired with Studio Habits of Mind;  Develop Craft, Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, Understand Art Worlds.  

I believe that all students are artists and are using their visual language to communicate thoughts and ideas.  In art class they will deepen their skills and abilities, and hopefully make some beautiful artworks along the way.